"The Tack Cabin"



   It stands there...a witness to the changes that come as the seasons march across the country. Yet for some, it brings a sense of security, of time standing still.
   It has a lonely existence most of the time, but when the air in the high country begins to hold a chill, it's purpose for existence is realized. Feed, shoes, brushes for the horses...saddles, bridles, halters for the cowboy's use. These days bring company and activity to the cabin and completely unknown to it, true appreciation from those who find cover within it's sturdy walls as "round-up" begins.
   When all the cattle have been moved to their winter safety, the hunters and guides arrive to bring more excitement to this ancient gem. As the weeks move into the past, the snow sets in, as does the familiar loneliness. It waits...the bitter winter cold cannot daunt the sprit of this old landmark, for it knows once again the sun will come to warm the land. Once again the streams will be full and rushing to their appointed destinations, new grass will cover the hills. Once again the cattle and those who care for them.
   In the hearts of those who come rests a warm confidence...a confidence in the old shelter...knowing it awaits their arrival, knowing it stands there exactly as it has for over a century.
   Folks have come and gone...still it stands...a testimony of the past...a treasure for those to come.

Brenda Dillon (2003)


This photograph was taken in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

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