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"Mustang Guardian" by Roger Brunk


"Pryor Grulla" by Roger Brunk


















Circle D Western Price: $169.95

Circle D Western Price: $169.95

We are pleased to offer these two images of the mustangs of the Pryor Mountains in south central Montana as a limited edition, signed and numbered fine art print.

The Pryor Mountains west of the Big Horn Canyon and north of Lovell, Wyoming on the Montana side are well known for their rugged and scenic beauty.  From the juniper, sage and rabbit brush covered foothills sparsely vegetated by hardy native grasses, to the upper slopes sprinkled with mountain mahogany, yucca and other drought resistant shrubs which finally give way to thick stands of pine and fir whose undulating edges border park-like meadows covered with vibrant fields of lupine in the spring, these mountains are home to the Pryor mustangs and for which they are famous.

This is quintessential mustang country and conjures up images of saddle toughened cowboys chasing sweat lathered, blowing and wild eyed horses into well camouflaged traps strategically built in the bottoms of cut bank arroyos.

It brings to mind the tales told by the cowboy story teller Will James, who ranched just north of these mountains, and others who made their living by the capture of these tough western horses as wild as the country they ranged in.

This is the area and the horse that has inspired these beautiful pictures that capture the essence of the legendary mustang.

Both these pictures represent a variation of the Dun color commonly seen among the Pryor horses.  The mousy gray body, a dark dorsal stripe with bar across the withers and zebra stripes on the legs and the dark mask on the face are the distinctive trademarks of the color called Grulla.  This color is generally regarded as evidencing the primitive breeding of Spanish ancestry and it indelibly marks these horses with a primal wildness.

The original paintings were rendered in pastel and the giclee (zhe-clay) printing process, noted for its high quality, has accurately reproduced the originals.

The image size is 18" x 24" and the edition size has been limited to only 600 of each original keeping the collectors of fine art prints in mind and those who wish to make an investment in a truly unique example of equine art.














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